Long Term Rentals

Management Services Provided

  • Comparative market study to assure maximized rental income.
  •  Prepare accurate monthly statements to account for all income and expenses.
  •  Maintain complete accounting of all funds.
  •  Maintain complete system of records.
  •  Repair and maintain property. Secure estimates and supervise completion of repairs when needed.
  •  Outside vendors are properly licensed, bonded and insured.
  •  Advertising and promoting available properties through local media and referral programs.
  •  Preliminary inspection prior to leasing with additional inspections conducted throughout lease period and at annual renewal.
  •  Detailed and thorough selection of desirable tenants through rental reference verification as well as a complete credit background verification.
  •  Preparation and execution of legally binding lease agreement with tenant.
  •  Payment of Property Associated bills out of your rental proceeds.