The Atlantis Group is a multi-faceted Company combining our years of experience with our willingness to learn and grow. What started as a construction company is now primarily a property management company offering construction management services. Our dedication to quality and customer satisfaction is our strength. We are always looking for new and better ways to service our customers.

event rental management

We market and manage the rentals for event venues in the Georgetown area.  Our services include website development, marketing, photography, writing & signing contracts, meeting with brides and party/wedding planners book keeping, venue maintenance and more. Talk to us about your venue!

Property Management

Our property management division evolved from our desire to provide a quality product for our clients. We provide management services for long term rentals.  Our goal is to maintain and improve the properties we manage. We provide all the necessary services and documentation for a quality relationship. By delivering a quality product we are able to connect the right tenant with the right property.

Construction management

 We assist our customers by reviewing contracts, selecting design elements, overseeing construction projects and being a liaison with regulatory authorities.

Attention to detail and quality are the cornerstones of our success. We aim to build a product that will last by using quality products, craftsman and subcontractors. We listen to our customers and work with them to deliver a beautifully finished product.

We have completed a wide variety of projects ranging from ultra modern buildings with saw tooth roofs to restoring circa 1850 carriage houses to light commercial construction. One particular project was published and appeared on the front cover of Design New England, see pg. 93.