Construction Management

At Atlantis, we offer construction management services to our managed property owners. We assist our property owners  by reviewing contracts, selecting design elements, overseeing construction projects and being a liaison with regulatory authorities.

Contract review:

We’ll check to see all the elements needed to protect you are included in a contract before you commit your hard earned money.  Is a building permit included?  Does the contractors insurance cover your property?  Is all the work needed included in the contract?  Will he remove all debris when he is finished?  When will the job be completed?  What if the job runs long?  These are just a few of the things we’ll look for before you sign. 

Design Elements: 

We will assist you in selecting the right products for your needs and budget.  Metal roofing versus fiberglass shingles?  Wood siding versus cement board versus vinyl?  Composite decking or ipe wood?  These are a few of the decisions we can assist you in making by giving impartial opinions based on years of hands on experience.

Construction Oversight: 

We will make periodic visits to your site to see that all work is being carried out according to your plans and all work is being done to meet the building code.  In our area proper construction techniques are crucial for your property to withstand the high winds and destructive forces associated with tropical storms and hurricanes.

Regulatory Authorities:

We can assist you in cutting through the red tape associate with getting your job approved and permitted. 

Above are some of the things we can do for you.  If you have any other construction issues you needed addressed please feel free to contact us, we do not charge for consultations.