Jay Doyle

Property Manager In-Charge

• SC Licensed Contractor • SC Licensed Property Manager In-Charge • South Carolina Certified Contractor in Hurricane Damage Mitigation • Trained Home Inspector by American Society of Home Inspectors

Jay was a successful self-employed general contractor for over 25 years specializing in commercial and residential renovations in the greater Boston area. His innovative ideas and meticulous eye for detail earned him the reputation for being able to build and assist in designing challenging projects. One particular project was published and appeared on the front cover of Design New England, see pg. 93 and the following pages to view the whole project.

While in Boston, Jay was also a property manager for eight apartment buildings with a total of 45 units for eight years. Jay and staff created database, computerized accounting and streamlined an antiquated system. With updated systems we were able to update leases in a timely fashion and maintain an occupancy rate of over 95% and collect over 98% of monies due. Through proactive maintenance and quick response rates we achieved a high level of customer satisfaction and maintained "Good Tenants." As time went on, our reputation amongst tenants and realtors spread resulting with realtors showing our properties preference.

After relocating to South Carolina, Jay went to work for Brookgreen Gardens as Director of Facilities. It was here that he used his existing skills and acquired new ones. He was given the task to reduce energy costs. In two years, he reversed the trend of a rising electric bill and reduced it by 25%. Jay did this by engineering energy conservation programs and installing energy efficient lighting. Through research and consulting with industry experts Jay formulated new innovative ways to reduce energy consumption by installing more efficient lighting and increasing the efficiency of the HVAC systems. This resulted in reduced electrical and maintenance costs and in some cases eliminated demand charges. Another initiative was reducing waste disposal costs. Jay did this by implementing recycling programs throughout Brookgreen Gardens.

Jay is now the Property Manager In-Charge for Atlantis Property Management. 

Suzanne Doyle

Property Manager

• 25 + years Sales Experience - Graphic Arts & Home Improvement Industry • Website & Graphic Designer

For over 25 years, Suzanne was a successful sales professional in Denver and Boston in the graphic arts and home remodeling industry.   After meeting Jay, Suzanne assisted him with his construction business in Boston: client meetings, light job site work, client selection of appliances, granite etc, and blue print take offs. Since then they married and moved to South Carolina where Suzanne sold lighting retrofits with the Santee Cooper Reduce the Use rebate program as well as started her own graphic design and website design business. She attributes her success to her creativity, product knowledge, listening skills, intuitive problem solving and ability to apply her skills across many platforms.